WordPress & AWS Lightsail Too Easy

Only the other day did I decide to build a blog from scratch. I wrote an entire serverless app and deployed it on AWS. It lacked features and functionality and was mostly a test project. It took a number of days and was not a simple project. However, it made me release I had never spent the time to see what WordPress was like so I thought it was time to get it running. Generally in the past I had made some local WordPress sites just to see how to stand it up. Now it all seems to be automated and handled for you. I had seen a WordPress instance available in AWS Lightsail, so I went and created the cheapest teir to see what it could do.

I was expecting to get frusted and snap a keyboard in half. But not today. In about 5 minutes I had gone from the thought of creating a blog to actually being able to type posts on it. It is pretty impressive and amazingly easy to do. There are a wide range of features I need to poke through but the experience has been great. WordPress and AWS Lightsail have made a very boring and tricky task too easy.